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What are Easy-to-Clean Floors and Walls?

Easy-to-clean floors and walls have properties that resist the absorption of material into the surface, making for less labourious process during cleanup. In addition, floors and walls that do not have seams or joints will not trap material and are therefore easier to clean.

Benefits of Easy-to-Clean Floors & Walls

There are many benefits, including those related to hygiene, to having easy-to-clean floors and walls.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Spending less time cleaning floors and walls in a busy environment
  • Keeping floors and walls free from bacteria in order to meet infection control goals
  • Avoiding accelerated wear from constant rough cleanup procedures
  • Offering a manageable workload for employees responsible for maintenance
  • Saving time and money on cleanup routines and procedures
  • Providing a consistently clean environment for visitors

Recommended Industries

Every industry can benefit from easy-to-clean floors. For some industries, like those related to healthcare and food, easy-to-clean floors and walls are vital.

Recommended industries include:

  • Healthcare - hospital rooms, hallways, operating rooms
  • Food & Beverage - food processing plants, wineries, breweries
  • Hospitality - restaurants, kitchens, bars, restrooms, lobbies

Recommended Products

All of our floor and wall systems are formulated to be easy to clean. Our team of Territory Managers, Architects and Engineers will assist you in finding the best easy-to-clean floor or wall system for your environment.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonclad - industrial applications and food processing environments
  • Stonshield - light manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail, sports & entertainment venues
  • Stonblend - pharmaceutical, healthcare, animal labs, packaging areas, plant offices, public spaces, R&D facilities, education, correctional institutions
  • Stonres - healthcare, operating rooms, education, public spaces, labs & corridors in hospitals and schools
  • Stontec - healthcare, education, labs, process areas, retail, sports & entertainment venues, pharmaceutical
  • Stoncrete - schools, retail, and other commercial environments as well as front-of-house spaces for industrial companies
  • Stonlux - R&D facilities, light manufacturing, assembly areas, clean rooms, electronics manufacturing
  • Stonglaze - This seamless wall system is used in conjunction with Stonhard floor systems. It is highly recommended for use in healthcare, educational and pharmaceutical environments.



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