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Self-Leveling Screeds

StonFlow is a pumped self-leveling cement-based flooring system that is specifically designed to provide a solution where high strength, fast turnaround and level floors are required.

StonFlow is designed to be applied in a range of thicknesses from a feather edge to 1 ¼ inches with an impressive open time and excellent self-healing properties for an exceptionally smooth finish. Our engineered system also maintains high early strength gain and excellent bond strength to allow early walk on times, minimizing disruption for the whole job site and of course follow on trades. 

  • Stonflow Industrial

    Self Leveling Pumped Screed For Heavy Duty Industrial Environments


    Stonflow Industrial is a single component highly engineered self leveling pumped screed for fast turnaround substrate leveling and repair.  Designed to be applied either by pump or hand from 1/8" to 1 1/4" (3mm  to 30mm) and cures to receive foot traffic after only 2 hours.  Stonflow Industrial has been specifically formulated to quickly receive resinous finishes (such as Epoxy flooring systems) and for heavy duty industrial environments. 


    • Flowing formulation for ease of installation
    • Walk on time in just 2 hours
    • Pumpable through standard equipment
    • Exceptional shrinkage control for outstanding crack resistance
    • Protein free for use in sensitive environments
    • Extended self healing time for ease of placement
    • Fast curing formulation - finishes can be isntalled after only 24 hour cure period


    • Fast track leveling of floors to receive resin finishes
    • Rapid installation up to 20,000ft² per day
    • Tough heavy duty industrial finish
    • Precision refurbishment in high bay warehousing




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