stonclad gs in auto service bay stonclad gs in auto service bay stonblend gsi in auto service facility stonglad gs with gs4 for shop floor stonlux sl in race car service bay stonclad gr flooring system for auto dealership

Auto Dealerships-Auto Repair

From high-tech, interactive auto showrooms to the busiest repair shops, our seamless floors are chemical, stain and impact resistant and offered in countless designs and finishes. They are also safe and slip resistant. Form meets function when it comes to floor solutions for these public and not-so-public spaces.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

An auto service bay looking sharp with a custom logo and design. Impress your customers and protect your floors with an ultra-durable, seamless flooring system.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

Stonclad GS meets all the requirements of this busy auto service bay.

Products Used:

Stonblend GSI

Auto service never looked so good. Stonblend GSI is durable and stain-resistant so your floors are long lasting.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

Stonclad GS ensures your operation runs smoothly

Products Used:

Stonlux SL

It's only the best for this race car service bay. Stonlux SL is a self-leveling, epoxy flooring system that is chemical and impact resistant. The smooth, sleek appearance are a perfect match for the race car industry.

Products Used:

Stonclad GR

This flooring system was preferred by an auto dealership for its excellent performance and protection along with its positive environmental impact. Stonclad GR utilizes 25% recycled glass fillers and a rapidly renewable component.


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