stonchem 444 for mobile biocontainment area stontec trf flooring in admiral's deck stonclad gs flooring in firehouse


From mess halls to munitions, we have long lasting, seamless floors for government projects. Chemical, impact and slip resistant floors for hangars, fuel storage and maintenance facilities, along with hygienic, stain resistant floors for hospitals and correctional facilities, police and fire stations too. You’ll find performance combined with great design. Custom logos and colours? We can do it.

Products Used:

Stonchem 400

Pictured: Stonchem 444 applied in a containerized, biocontainment mobile BSL4 lab.

Products Used:

Stontec TRF

The sophisticated look Stontec TRF provides suits this admiral's deck perfectly.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

Picture a red fire engine. Shiny, right? Think about firefighters. Protection comes to mind. A Stonclad GS firehouse floor shines and protects too. This seamless flooring system provides serious protection against stains, heavy loads, abrasion and more. It's easy to clean and shines brilliantly! Be the envy of all the other firehouses with Stonhard seamless floors.

Products Used:

Stontop (now Polished)

This elegant and durable system combines decorative stains with quartz aggregate for a long-wearing, slightly textured surface for the reception area and offices at a military base.


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Case Studies

Valley Hill Fire Department

Stonclad GS

Stonshield SLT

Millhaven Institution

Stonclad GS

Stonshield HRI


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