stonclad gs flooring in helicopter manufacturing facility stonclad gs flooring in helicopter hangar stonlux esd flooring in nasa laboratory


In this case, it actually is rocket science and we’ve got smart floor solutions. Aerospace facilities require floors that stand up to heavy machinery, traffic and chemical spills. Seamless, durable and even conductive floors are necessary for all areas of an aerospace facility: design areas, assembly, labs and maintenance areas of aircraft, parts, missiles and rockets. We cover them all.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

This impact, abrasion, and chemical-resistant floor provides necessary protection for a traffic aisle at a helicopter manufacturing facility.

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

An epoxy, seamless floor provides superior protection in this helicopter hangar.

Products Used:

Stonlux ESD

It's no surprise that NASA laboratories require specialty products, even when it comes to floors. Stonlux ESD passed every test. This self-leveling epoxy formulation provided a completely spark-proof surface safe for workers and equipment. It is also strong enough to stand up to heavy loads and high traffic.


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