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Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high performance floors. Our seamless, long lasting, easy to clean systems are engineered for both industrial and commercial markets. We also bring the same performance to our wall and lining systems.

Joining form and function, our floors are the dependable go-to choice for tough manufacturing environments, while still honoring innovative design for commercial environments. Epoxy, urethane and fast-track methyl methacrylate resin-based systems deliver a broad range of options for every market and application.


From the start of your project to its finish, from specifications and design to project management and final walkthrough, you work with us directly. Territory Managers, Project Engineers, Architectural/Engineer and Design Representatives, Construction Management teams and Installation and Application Crews work for you and with you. We deliver a proven, 94-year history of single-source service; covering both your products and installation.

Stonhard manufactures and installs products throughout the world with headquarters in Maple Shade, New Jersey. Stonhard is an ISO-9001 registered company. Stonhard is a brand of The Stonhard Group.


A Division of StonCor Group Canada



Simply put, your career goals are our goals.  We strive to provide you with employment opportunities that are challenging, stimulating and rewarding. We have a global leadership position in the marketplace and passionately believe that our success is created because of the great people who make it happen.

Our people are our most valuable asset and we offer a competitive salary and benefits package to our employees.

Benefits Include:

     •  Employee Life Insurance
     •  Extended Health Care
     •  Prescription Drug Coverage
     •  Dental Care
     •  Family Coverage
     •  Long Term Disability
     •  World Travel Assistance
     •  RRSP Program

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We Answer Your Important Questions.

How do you know what system is best for my needs?

The flooring system you require depends on the environment you are dealing with and the performance features you desire. Stonhard flooring consultants are specially trained to evaluate your specific needs, covering all aspects of cost-effectiveness, durability, safety standards and overall performance. Stonhard can provide the right solution for your flooring needs.

Does the supplier manufacture and formulate their own products?

At Stonhard, we not only have the capability of formulating our own products, we manufacture the materials as well. This unique capability of synthesizing our own polymer systems allows us to carefully control and tailor the properties of each product to meet the specific needs of our customers. This integrated approach gives us an advantage in technology and quality that no one can match. We've developed hundreds of resin and curing agent combinations, all delivering unique finished properties.

Who will install the products?

The preparation of your substrate and the installation of your floor are perhaps the most crucial steps to the success of your new system. It is important for you to know that no corners are cut or short-cuts taken. With over 300 direct, local territory managers and our own specially trained application crews, Stonhard can quickly respond to any job - large or small! Whether it's around the corner or around the world, our installations are done with the guidance of Stonhard's field engineers, site superintendents and project managers.

What methods of product testing are used?

When comparing test data, it is very important to know what test methods are used to derive the values, the specimens used, and how the results of the test are reported.  Stonhard follows the testing procedures administered by the American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM is an international technical, scientific and educational organization dedicated to the standardization of specifications and methods testing. We use an actual representation of the floor as a test specimen, consisting of the resin and curing agent as well as the aggregate material. This specimen is then tested in our state-of-the-art physical testing laboratory.

Will what I buy be what I get?

We want to be sure that the product you purchased is, in fact, the product being installed. All Stonhard materials are factory formulated, pre-weighed and packaged utilizing the latest process technology. Also, let the company you're dealing with know that you wish to review coverage information, amounts used, etc. If you buy a 1/4" floor, make sure you get a 1/4" floor! If you still aren't 100% satisfied that you got what you paid for, ask to have a core sample taken so you can see the finished thickness.

Will I have to shut down my operation for the installation?

A common concern when buying a new floor involves the disruption of your normal operations. With Stonhard, you won't have to be inconvenienced because we will work with your schedule. We can schedule your installation during shutdown periods. That means nights, weekends, and holidays! No fixed equipment needs to be removed. And many Stonhard flooring systems are specifically designed to be quick curing, enabling you to be back in operation with minimal down time.

How safe are the products?

With Stonhard, you don't need to worry about the safety of your plant environment. We specialize in high solids systems, which mean toxic or flammable fumes won't be a problem during the mixing and installation process. Our installers are certified and strictly adhere to all safety procedures. In addition, all Stonhard products come with explicit instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets and clearly labeled packaging.

Can you help with LEED certification?

We can offer you innovative products to help you achieve LEED certification points in "Materials & Resources" as well as "Indoor Environmental Quality" categories. See our LEED Certification page to find out more.

What does sustainability mean to you and how does it affect me?

Sustainability is not a new concept for us. It has always been an important matter for Stonhard. In fact, since 2005, Stonhard has prevented 92.7% of all returned material, including discontinued and obsolete products from going into the waste stream through recycling efforts. Our innovative packaging prevents over 4.8 million pails and cans from being dumped into landfills annually. See our Sustainable Solutions page for more detailed information on our commitment to the environment.

Can I get references from reliable sources?

Hearing what others have to say about a flooring system might make your decision a little easier. At Stonhard, we are happy to supply you with references for your industry or other industries of interest. We've completed tens of thousands of proven installations in both industrial and commercial applications. There is probably an installation near you and we will be happy to show you!

Is there a warranty and what does it mean?

At Stonhard, not only do we give you a written warranty covering both materials and workmanship, but you get the best reassurance of all - over 89 years in business with thousands and thousands of satisfied customers.

What about service after the sale?

In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your floor system, you can always count on your local territory manager and application team to help you with any situation. We manufacture, formulate and install your system and take full responsibility for our products and services.

What is epoxy flooring and why is it preferred for commercial/industrial applications?

Epoxy flooring is made of two main components – resins and hardeners. The resin and hardener are mixed together to form a material that is strong, long lasting and bonds extremely well to a variety of substrates. Our high-performance epoxy floors are poured in place and perform in demanding environments where chemical resistance, high durability, and easy cleaning and maintenance are a necessity.

What are the causes of epoxy flooring deterioration?

Extreme temperatures, substrate movement, impact damage, chemical attack, and continuous traffic can cause epoxy flooring to deteriorate. To prevent these issues, Stonhard Territory Managers will inspect your facility and determine the specific chemistries, configurations, and systems required for the best long-term flooring solutions. A Stonhard flooring recommendation is backed by 95 years of resin flooring experience and innovation.

What design options do I have with seamless flooring?

Seamless flooring offers endless design opportunities and with Stonhard products, you begin with a wide range of standard colors to choose from as well as the ability to customize colors, finishes, textures, and patterns. From custom logos to intricate design patterns, a Stonhard seamless floor can achieve what you desire. The possibilities are endless! Learn more about seamless flooring.

Why are urethane-based floors better in food environments?

Urethane floors have similar benefits to epoxy floors, but they are more resistant to organic acids, making them preferable in food environments. They also provide superior chemical resistance. In addition, Stonhard’s high-performance urethane flooring has a high resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling. Learn more about food & beverage industry flooring.

What is the best flooring for high-traffic commercial areas?

Stonhard has a number of solutions for commercial environments that experience high traffic. From stadium concourses to retail and hospitality venues, we will guide you through selecting the seamless flooring system that will give you long-lasting performance as well as meet your design needs. Our poured-in-place solutions are ideal for high-traffic environments because they are easier to clean and maintain than traditional flooring. In addition, they provide superior slip, chemical, and water resistance and last longer so you won't have to shut down your operation for repairs. Learn about high-traffic commercial flooring.

What are the benefits of anti-microbial floors in healthcare environments?

Stonhard floors are naturally bacteriostatic and fungistatic, a priority in healthcare facilities. Unlike traditional flooring, there are no seams, welds, or grout lines where bacteria is known to harbor and potentially grow. Our seamless, weldless structure not only supports infection control programs, but also makes for easier cleaning and maintenance. For more information on anti-microbial floors, click here.

How do I clean epoxy floors?

All Stonhard epoxy floors are formulated to be easy to clean. Most floors can be cleaned with auto scrubbers, mops, or ride-on scrubbers. Stonhard will provide you with information for your specific flooring system. In addition, we offer safe, easy-to-use, sustainable cleaning products by Stonkleen to meet your needs. Stonkleen has specialty products for specific environments that remove tire marks and betadine stains. Stonkleen also has maintenance programs and professional janitorial programs in some markets. Visit Stonkleen at www.stonkleen.com.

Our Materials


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is made of two, main components – resins and hardeners. The resin and hardener are mixed together to form a rigid material that is strong, long lasting and bonds extremely well to a variety of substrates. Epoxy floors have excellent chemical resistance and perform under the most demanding environments. 

Urethane Flooring

Urethane floors (also known as polyurethane floors or PU for short) are resinous floors often used in industrial applications. Urethane floors are known for their ability to stand up to thermal shock and thermal cycling in addition to having excellent stain and organic resistance.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Flooring

MMA flooring is a dual-system polymer used in both commercial and industrial applications. They are chemical, stain and wear resistant. MMA flooring systems are often preferred for projects where a rapid installation is required due to the rapid cure of the material. Many applications can be completed in one night.

Our Certifications


  • CaGBCmember_colour.jpg

    Canada Green Building Council Member

    Stonhard has committed to sustainability by implementing innovative packaging, products and procedures for several decades. We are a proud member of the Canada Green Building Council.

  • HACCP International Food Safety Certification for Certs Page.jpg


    Stonhard currently has HACCP (Hazard Control and Critical Control Point) International Certification on six products used within the food & beverage industry. We are committed to providing safe and sanitary products for industry.


  • Stonclad UT

    Stonclad UT

    Learn about our seamless flooring installation & single-source warranty.

  • Stonshield HRI

    Stonshield HRI

    Watch our epoxy flooring system installation in a commercial kitchen.

  • StonCor Corporate Video

    StonCor Corporate Video

    Learn how we are your single source corrosion control solution provider.

  • Lunch & Break Rooms

    Lunch & Break Rooms

    Lunch and Break Rooms aren’t just for schools…check out our video!

  • Seamless Hallways

    Seamless Hallways

    Seamless floors are ideal for high traffic areas like hallways & corridors.



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    Construct Canada Toronto, Ontario

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    CIM Expo Vancouver, BC

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Mission Statement


Our Mission.

Stonhard is committed to manufacturing and installing quality, seamless products that protect, maintain and enhance industrial and commercial environments. We maintain a global leadership position in the marketplace with the support of those who stand behind the Stonhard name, and who passionately believe that success happens because of the people who make it happen.

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